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Curofast is a brand name of Curofs Health and Fitness Services Pvt. Ltd. it is a platform for service providers ( Hospitals / doctor / Allied Medical Services / Other Medical Services ) . Website www.curofast.com provides service though the website .

1.        Type of services & working :-

Please go through the terms and conditions privacy policy http://curofast.com/terms-condation.aspx before avail the services made available on the Website by Curofast. All these ( Terms and the Privacy Policy ) constitute a legal agreement between you and Curofast at the time of visiting the Website Curofast and your of Services (as defined below) .

1.1.   The Agreement applies to all whether :-

1.1.1.            You are service providers (Hospitals / doctor / Allied Medical Services / Other Medical Services ) wishing to be listed or already listed on the website .

1.1.2.            An user or his / her family members searching through the website . This agreement is applicable to those service available by Curofast on the website which are – Service Providers - Hospitals / doctor / Allied Medical Services / Other Medical Services – these listing profile with contact details to be made available to other user & visitors to the website .   For users – Facility to create an account search for service provider & avail there survives , providing by Curofast .

 1.1.3.            It is sole discretion of Curofast when the service may change from time to time . The agreement will apply to your visit and your use of website .

1.1.4.             You are irrevocably accepting all conditions stipulated in the agreement at the time of downloading or accessing the website to use the services .

1.1.5.            Curofast reserve the right to modify or terminate any portion of the agreement for any reason and at any time. You should read the agreement at regular intervals .

1.1.6.            Please do not use the website or avail any services , if you are not agree with agreement .

1.1.7.            You access to use the services or the website will be solely at the discretion of confect .

1.1.8.            The Agreement in governed by the provisions of Indian law & published in compliance of it. It includes but not limited to :-







                                         i.          The Indian Contract Act 1872 .

                                       ii.         The Indian Information & Technology Act 2000 .

                                     iii.         The Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices & Procedures & Sensitive Personal Information) Rules 2011 (SPI Rules) & the Information Technology (Intermediates Guidelines) Rules 2011 (The IG Rules) applicable to all .

 2.           Conditions for users other than service providers :

2.1    Following Conditions are :-

1.1.1.      A user must be 18 years of age or more than 18 years to register use the services or visit the website in any manner. By registering, visiting on using the website means you are accepting this agreement . Curofast only provide state /city / city area /location for your better medical health.

1.1.2.      Curofast is not liable for any kind of dispute between patient (user) & service provider ( Hospitals / doctor / Allied Medical Services / Other Medical Services ) .

1.1.3.      User can avail any type of services through search options as made available on Curofast website .

1.1.4.      Curofast never Suggests for a particular service .

1.1.5.      Curofast only helps to find out the location of the service provider. ( Hospitals / doctor / Allied Medical Services / Other Medical Services )

1.1.6.      The service provider ( Hospitals / doctor / Allied Medical Services / Other Medical Services ) will alone be liable to pay for any deficient services given to the patient by the service provider while executing treatment to any patent having well generated ID of confect .

1.1.7.      Curofast shall not be liable or responsible for any acts of commission or commission of doctors or other medical staff of the service provider .

1.1.8.      Curofast will not be in any way held responsible for the outcome of treatment or quality of care provided by the service providers .

1.1.9.      The discount on medical treatment will be provided by the service providers , Curofast will not be liable for the discount provided by the service providers. It is sole discretion of the services providers to provide the discount facility .

1.1.10. Curofast will not interfere in the treatment & medical care provided to its patient by service provides .

1.1.11. Date privacy & end user account –

a)      The personal information of users are defined under the SPI Rules & are reproduce in the private policy .

b)      The information of users collected at the time of using website or services , will be used only for improving the quality of Curofast services & to build new services .

c)      The private policy sets out, inter-alia –

c.1.       The type of information collected from users , including sensitive personal date or inform .

c.2.       The purpose, means & mode of usage of such information .

c.3.       How & to whom confect will disclose such information .

c.4.       Other information mandated by the SPI Rules .

d)     Any medical insurance , medi-claim policy , corporation benefits and other insurance benefits will not be considered with Curofast .

e)      The user is expected to read & understand the private policy, so to ensure that he or she has the knowledge of inter-alia .

f)       Curofast shall be responsible in any manner for the authenticity of personal information or sensitive personal date or information supplied by the users to Curofast or other person acting on behalf of Curofast .

g)      The user is responsible for maintaining the

g.1.      Confidentiality of the users Account access.

g.2.      Information & password, if the user is .

g.3.      Registered on the website .

3.                 Conditions applicable for all Service Providers  –

3.1.   The listing of service providers will be based on automated computation of various factors including comments & feedback of users .

3.2.   Curofast collected the information regarding the profile, practice of the doctor listed on the website, such as specialization, qualification, location etc. These information are updated at frequent intervals . Curofast cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy or incompleteness represented from it, despite such reasonable efforts .

3.3.   Curofast does not provide or make any representation, warranty or guarantee, express or implied about the website or services. Curofast disclaims all liability arising out of the users use or reliance upon the website, the services, representations & warranties made by other users, the content or information provided by the users or website , or any opinion & suggestion given or expressed by Curofast or any user in relation to any user or service provided by such user .

3.4.   Curofast has no control over , & not liable or responsible for content , accuracy , validity .

3.5.   The service providers (Hospital/ Doctor/ Clinic/ Allied Services) shall alone be liable to pay any cost for its deficiency of services given to patient while executing treatment to any Patient having well generated I.D. of Curofast .

3.6.   Curofast will not interfere in the treatment .

3.7.   Curofast shall not be responsible in any manner for the refusing of users to avail the services .

3.8.   The service provider shall promptly reply to user after receiving users communication

4.     Refund Policy –





4.1.   CuroCard is non transferable to any other person or at any condition .

4.2.    Cancellation of card within 3 days from the date of registration including all the seven ( 7 ) days { working days or Non working days } .

4.3.    No cancellation of Pearl cards .

4.4.   For cancellation user have to inform by E-Mail at account@curofast.com or info@curofast.com .

4.5.   The user will provide his / her registration details on our mailing address ( account@curofast.com or info@curofast.com ) .

4.6.   Payment will be made in the user’s bank account only .

4.7.   The user will provide his / her bank complete details on our mailing address ( account@curofast.com or info@curofast.com ) .

4.8.   A minimum of amount Rs. 100.00 ( One Hundred ) will be dedicated for all cards ( except PEARL CuroCard )  

4.9.   Balance amount return within 30 working days in users bank account . 

5.        Dispute Settlement –












5.1.   Any disputes/claims Regarding the informative services of ( Curofast ) Curofs Health And Fitness Services Pvt. Ltd. are subject to arbitration and Jurisdiction of Jaipur Rajasthan courts only .

5.2.   Curofast reserves the right to amend any terms & conditions or membership price structure as and when required .

6.           Conditions for Curo Card –

6.1.   The Curo Card is valid only for one year from the date of registration .

6.2.   In case of loss of Curocard the new card will be issued after the payment of Rs. 100/- .

6.3.   One Curocard includes one family i.e. husband, wife, two or three children & if either of the mother or father alive .

7.     Conditions for gift coupons or gift vouchers –








7.1.         Gift coupon or voucher is valid for one time only .

7.2.         Gift coupon or voucher is valid for ( Financial Year ending ) 31st March .

7.3.         A minimum purchase of Rs.400/*- or above is must to en-cash the gift coupon.

7.4.         Valid for one card one time in a year .

7.5.         Also applicable for old customer while pay the balance amount by Cash / Cheque / DD / Payment Gate way .

7.6.         The coupon can be used by the card holder only once.

7.7.         Curofast will not be responsible for any loss or damage of coupon .The customer or Curo-Card holder is solely liable for that .

7.8.         The services of coupon are non transferable / non refundable / not redeemed and will not be carry forward for the next session.

7.9.         The validity of coupon is from date of issue to financial year ending 31st March .

7.10.     Gift Coupon / Gift Coupon code CUROFS.

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